India being a democratic country; voting is the constitutional right of every citizen. Indian Citizens are blessed with the power of voting so that they can elect a government which can take beneficiary decisions and can successfully run the country.

As we know, with the Internet each work has turned out to be quite effective. Today Election Commission of India has not only provided its citizens who have reached the age of 18 to register for offline voting but has also given them the right to register to vote online. …

There are some websites that are really helpful for programmers. I have listed those and why they should be visited!

If you are having problems with coding

  1. StackOverflow (Subscribe to their weekly newsletters and find interesting topics)
  2. CodeProject

Technology News

Get the latest news directly to your inbox.

  1. Hacker News
  2. Ars Technica (Unique Quality Articles)
  3. ACM Technology News
  4. Lobsters
  5. TechCrunch
  6. The Verge
  7. Gaurav Tiwari

Coding Practices for Beginners

  1. Reddit
  2. ProgrammingByDoing
  3. CodeAbbey
  4. Small Programming Tasks
  5. Programming Challenges

Small Project Ideas

General Coding Advice

Coding Styles

All businesses face some risk and liability. Online businesses face a type of liability that is not seen in the offline business world. WordPress sites are especially vulnerable to certain liabilities since they are not normally associated with major corporations with large legal teams. To protect your online business, it is important to know what the risks are, and what may be done to mitigate them.

Privacy Policies and Financial Relationships

The FTC has recently instituted regulations on privacy that WordPress publishers and other website owners need to be aware of. These include limiting the information collected on visitors and customers only to data relevant…

Try to convert visitors into customers and clients? How has that been working for you, ha? As online marketers, we struggle with conversions. People land on our well-made pages and bounce. They don’t convert or click — most of the time. While a great conversion-ready landing page is a great way to convert leads.

But there is one more way to do so.

Using catchy product pages.

As the name suggests, a product page showcases a product, like a book, software, service, or even a freebie.

If you don’t want to read this article in full, the whole summary is to create a beautiful product page, show what you can offer, make them buy your product and persuade them to signup for email alerts/newsletters.


Well, no. Keep on reading to know.

Affirmations are statements that reinforce the reality we wish to bring into existence. Conscious repetition strengthens the neurological pathways in our mind which focuses our inner energy towards a specific manifested desire. Daily affirmations are used in the purification of our intentions. We must make a constant effort to focus our mind on the situation we wish to bring into existence and this requires a great deal of discipline and perseverance. …

Originally published on on 2008/05/17 at 1:10 pm. Now deleted.

The road to success is not a miraculous one. Success does not just happen.

Most people, who have not yet unlocked the key to being successful, look at those who have, and wonder where their “luck” comes from.

What these people do not realize is that success has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with the way you think, and the way those thoughts manifest.

You’re probably shaking your head, skeptical, disbelieving, and thinking that I must be crazy to even suggest that focusing your…

Originally published on on 2008/04/13 at 6:10 pm. Now deleted.

Is the current global financial crisis real? Does this mean the decline of services and income opportunities, massive unemployment and shutdowns, and the impossibility of achieving success in every field of dreams? Would the bailout really save the failures and bankruptcies? The answers depend on each and every person’s pattern of thinking.

The crisis is global; it is happening in massive scale and affecting every nation and population. Though the recent US presidential election raised the level of hope especially among American people, the crisis has yet to be…

A true content marketing strategy understands the importance of a product, website or business. Now, beyond the obvious reason for needing a website (to keep all of your content, products and business online), we need to view our website as a command center to do content distribution for our brand. At this point I am sure a lot of you are agreeing with me and saying, “ Duh.”

But hear me out.

You don’t own more than half of your content.

Most people agree with that statement, but what they often fail to realize is that the concept goes far beyond just your written content.

Your life is full of the mistakes you have made or is it full of the lessons you learned. You are destined for greatness but you have to be prepared to receive your greatness. If you made no mistakes in life would you learn how difficult struggle can be?

If you landed in paradise how would you know it was paradise if you did not have an arduous life.

Embrace your rise to fame because the ride is easier for someone not to be taken against their will.

To err is human, to forgive divine.

Welcome your mistakes like a lost friend, they make you who you are.

Gaurav Tiwari

Award-winning educator, developer, SEO and marketer with a focus on brand growth and conversion. Main Blog:

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